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Market Weekly update #1

Publish date:

  1. Russia and Ukraine concern to reduce and looks to be better.

  2. Carbon price has increased a lot Iran crossing USD 1400 level Korea USD 1600 plus and same china. Local price Rs. 120 to 125 and will reach 130.

  3. Nylon fabric import from china started and price better than local at USD 4.

  4. Rubber import regular as Vietnam svr 10 is and sheet also import happening. And we are selling Cambodia and Myanmar too.

  5. PBR shortage and less supply and no offer Iran so price will be high as reliance will take advantage.

  6. Russia advantage taken by all to increase price.

  7. Covid situation is back in China, Vietnam and others so India need to be safe and plan buying accordingly.

  8. Raw material price does not look like reducing in near future.